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creativity + travel = kreative kamatsos

Life is full of colours, light and shadows and they always spoke to me. Traveling from an young age

growing up in art

Art and design was always around my youth whether the amazing museums I saw from a young age in Paris to moving around and creating a space called my room it all needed function to assist ones daily life.

Logos and symbols intrigued me always . Very fortunate to travel from a young age and the icons at the airport were so direct to me. Since then was sketching letters and logos to be precise and capturing the best I could depict.

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  • 14 years experience

  • Diploma and BA degree in Design

  • brand development

  • 3d industrial drawings

my bio

My journey in work experience was always linked to design whether working in hotel, school or summer camp.

what & who influenced me

Art, music and nature major parts of my upbringing.


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